Hello Corinne, can you tell us more about your educational background ?


I started studying for a higher vocational diploma in accounts with work experience at Partnaire in November 2016. When I began the course in September 2016, I hadn’t found a company to host me. Fortunately, the head of my college put me in touch with Partnaire’s HR department. I was offered an interview, which went well, and enabled me to continue my studies, despite starting late.

Corinne Azmakoglu - Partnaire


How long have you been with the Group ?


C.A. : In 2016 I started work in the Accounts Receivable department, working every other week. There I learned how to enter bank transfers and drafts, and I gained a general understanding of how the branches operate.


I then moved into the Cash Flow/Management Control department in summer 2017, and I stayed there during the second year of my course. I was trained in Cash Flow, so was able to help in the department and I learned to carry out some of the tasks. I also did some payroll checks: checking the information entered in temporary staff’s pay sheets before they were paid.


I am very lucky to have been trained by the Cash Flow/Management Control department, and in particular by the manager, Fabien Tindillère. He has taught me an enormous amount and given me constant encouragement since I arrived.



What does your job involve ?


C.A. : For the moment I’ve taken a break from studying - I’ll be starting again in September 2018. I’m currently employed on a fixed-term contract in the group’s Payroll Data Entry department.


This is the department where all the hours worked by Partnaire’s temporary staff are entered into our business software system so that the payslips can be printed and the clients billed.


I’m still training at the moment, but I have learned a huge amount about pay legislation and how important our work is in ensuring that our temporary staff receive their salaries each month.



What qualities do you need in your job ?


C.A. : Attention to detail is vital. You have to be very careful to enter the correct information because an error would have serious consequences.


You have to take the time when you are entering the information to look for any errors in the time sheets, and you mustn’t make any typos!



Which Partnaire value would you say best represents you ?


C.A. : If I were a Partnaire value, I would be responsiveness! It’s one of the qualities you need to work here.



What is Partnaire Group’s strength ?


C.A. : Partnaire Group’s main strength is that we all work together, like one big family.


I think it’s rare to find a company where you feel so trusted and listened to.


Partnaire is a bit like a second family for me, because I’m encouraged and supported in everything I do.



How do you see your future within the group ?


C.A. : I've already made steady progress because I’ve worked in three different departments since 2016, and in doing so I’ve learned a great deal. I started off entering client payments into the system, then I worked in cash flow and management control, and now I enter the time sheets that we receive from our temporary staff and clients, and bill the clients.


Once I’ve finished my course, I would like to stay with Partnaire because it's been such a great experience for me.




Your personal touch : We hear you cut your own hair. Do you have a top tip for choosing a hairstyle and not messing it up ?


C.A. : My top tip for choosing a hairstyle and not messing it up would be to avoid doing what I do and go to the hairdresser's !