Hello Nicolas, can you tell us more about your educational background and training ?


My first intention was to embark on a long course, to become a chartered accountant. But very quickly I realised that I was more at ease working in human relations and in the world of work. So I went to Orleans University to study for a technical diploma in Business Management and Administration.


It was a fairly short course but very interesting, covering all areas of management, finance and law, albeit fairly theoretical, even though some of the lecturers were established professionals in their various sectors of expertise. After I had finished my course, I was recruited by the company where I did my end-of-course internship.

Nicolas Marceaux - Partnaire

How long have you been with the Group ?


N.M. :  Ten years already! I’ve never stayed put in a job for very long before, and I never would have imagined I’d still be here ten years on. Partnaire Group was able to meet my needs, and offer me the stability that ultimately I was looking for.


My recruitment process was a bit unusual in that I had approached the Orleans Service Sector branch of the company ten years earlier looking for a job after I’d turned down an offer from a major construction company.


After I first got in touch with the branch, I waited for several days, because there weren’t any jobs that interested me, then they contacted me saying “we’d like to offer you a job in-house”. And I joined the group as Junior Credit Manager.



What does your job involve ?


N.M. : I’m in a transition period at the moment, because I’m moving into a new role.


Over the last year, I’ve been moving from being a Credit Manager, where my aim was to limit financial risks of all types, into a buying role, where I will be responsible for making sure the group gets the best possible deals.


This ranges from defining needs in-house through the sourcing of suppliers to negotiating and signing contracts. Every euro saved is another euro on the bottom line!



What qualities do you need in your job ?


N.M. :  Responsiveness, flexibility, listening and communication skills, and customer service skills, both with our internal clients (branches, projects, etc.) and external clients. It’s important to remember that customer satisfaction is our main aim.



Which Partnaire value would you say best represents you ?


N.M. : Probably operational excellence. Our Group consists of so much combined talent which, together, has allowed us to grow and prosper.


All this talent is a fantastic asset for the company, which will enable us to realise our future projects and achieve our ambitious growth targets.



What keeps you motivated ?


N.M. :  I’m something of a perfectionist, so making a success of the projects I’m given and meeting my targets is important to me. Also, I enjoy the opportunity to work on new projects and solve problems. 



How do you see your future within the group ?


N.M. :  For now, I simply wish to work on growing into my new job as a Buyer. Acquiring new skills, developing and supervising the Group purchasing function, before taking on a wider remit or moving to a new role.




Your personal touch : We’ve noticed that you often play table football at lunchtime. Can you give us three tips on how to become a champion, based on your doubles win in the last tournament ?


N.M. :  Ah-ha! Well, like anything else, you have to start by learning the basics and then practice to improve your technique.


And for an extreme sport like table football, you need to be training at least twice a week !


But seriously, it’s a fun thing to do at lunchtime with your colleagues, and a good way to clear your head in the middle of a hectic day !