It is important for our Group’s teams to stay in close contact with our temporary staff. Being available at the branch is of course one part of this, but follow-up and support for temps while they are working on our clients' sites are just as important.


We have put a number of systems in place to keep channels of communication with staff open, and provide a forum through which they can give us their feedback.


Assessments at key points during the job


Temps surveyed after every job they do for us


Every time one of our temporary staff completes an assignment, we automatically email them a survey.


Both the Partnaire Group branch and the client can view the response to the survey, and we systematically feed the results back to the company in which the staff member worked.


This helps them to better understand the expectations of temps and take their comments into account.

Building the loyalty of Partnaire Group temps


A close relationship with the temps is vital, and this has helped forge the Group's reputation since it was founded.


Many initiatives have been implemented to preserve the sense of trust and availability between the recruitment officers in the branches and the employees.


These initiatives include :


  • Professional support;
  • Managing and developing employee skills;
  • The company club;
  • Time savings accounts;
  • Social support; and
  • Help with moving and housing expenses.








95% satisfaction rate among our temps at the end of their assignment

(panel of 10,000 individual temps in 2017)