« "Given the way that society and expectations have changed, it is vital for the company to contribute to sustainable development," says Philippe Gobinet, our CEO.


At Partnaire, we have had numerous CSR policies in place for many years now. In fact, we were implementing CSR before it even had a name!


"But the most important thing is to make CSR an integral part of our operations. Very often, people only think about the environmental aspect, whereas in an HR solutions company like ours, it is in fact the social factor that should be central."

Laurence Gendry, Responsable RSE

« A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step »

Lao Tseu


Read our 2020 CSR report !





Partnaire is a signatory to the United Nations’ Global Compact and its ten principles covering : 


  • human rights,
  • international labour standards,
  • the environment,
  • anti-corruption.


We have made this commitment as a way of progressing these ten principles within our sphere of influence.


We also aim to champion them with our staff, our clients and our suppliers.



We have signed the diversity charter, to demonstrate our commitment to managing human resources in a way that is completely free from discrimination.


In our daily business, our activity involves recruiting, both for our own business and for our clients, staff with the skills to do the job, irrespective of any bogus criteria.


This is the major focus of our integration programme. We strongly believe that total respect for diversity in the way we recruit and retain staff is vital.


Being a socially responsible company also means offering all our stakeholders the guarantee that they are dealing with a partner who will never engage in fraudulent or anticompetitive practices.


Our managers act as role models in this respect, communicating these company values to all our staff.


We carry out annual audits to ensure our ethical commitments are met throughout the value chain.





Every day and at all levels of the organisation we encourage all our staff to behave in a civic-minded way, to limit the consumption of resources.


For example, the Group has invested in electric vehicles and trained its drivers who use vehicles from the car pool in ecologically responsible driving.


As part of an ongoing project, our teams are working to develop digital solutions for temporary staff and clients, reducing paper consumption by computerising documents.


We work to promote jobs, training, careers advice and access to employment for people with disabilities. After conducting an accessibility audit of our branches we embark on a certification process, with the support of FAF.TT : the temporary employment training fund, under “parcours TH”, which aims to place a disability coordinator in each branch.


We also have numerous partnerships and sponsorship deals. Partnaire, for example, has been supporting the Paralympic canoeist Rémy Boullé since 2016, when he took part in the Rio Paralympic Games. We will continue to sponsor him at the Tokyo Games in 2020.


Inducting, training and supporting the talented people of tomorrow is one of our commitments and priorities. We have been offering placements and internships of real quality to a large number of young people for many years.


They join us at all levels of our organisation (branches, support departments, etc.), to gain solid practical experience that dovetails with and complements their theoretical learning.


Many of them choose to continue their careers with Partnaire after they graduate.



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