Hello Coraline, could you tell us a little about yourself and your training background ?


I trained as an industrial and organisational psychologist. I graduated with a psychology degree, and then went on to do a Master’s in industrial and organisational psychology at Nancy University. It’s still a little-known field.

Basically, it’s the study of working environments, and in particular human resources.

Coraline Mazerand - Partnaire

How long have you been with the Group ?


C.M. : I joined Partnaire Group as a Recruitment Officer in August 2017, straight after I finished my Master’s. It all happened very quickly! I applied for a position that I had seen advertised on a job board, and I was contacted straight away.


Very soon after, I had an initial telephone interview, and then a face-to-face interview with Estelle, the manager of the Strasbourg branch. And I began work a week later!



What does your job involve ?


C.M. : The scope is very wide, and there are plenty of challenges. I’m responsible for finding the candidates with the skills that the group’s clients need.


So, I analyse the client’s requirements (job description, key skills, working environment, etc.), then I publish a job advert and manage the recruitment process. I look at the CVs that come in, run interviews, organise tests, etc.


In addition, there is the sales aspect of the role, where I “sell” the candidate I’ve selected to the client.

Broadly, it's about finding the right person for the job on offer as quickly as possible.



What qualities do you need in your job ?


C.M. : Without any doubt, responsiveness and flexibility, because every position is different!



Which Partnaire value would you say best represents you ?


C.M. : Proximity, because it is really important for both our candidates and our employees to know that we are here to listen to what they have to say.



What keeps you motivated ?


C.M. : I love a challenge! I get a sense of satisfaction when the client is pleased with our employee and, conversely, when the employee is happy in their job!

It is also a very rewarding job. I meet lots of different people every day.


I also get to find out about new jobs and new business sectors, in particular the pharmaceutical industry.



How do you see your future within the group ?


C.M. : Long-term, I would like to move into a role where I could use my training to provide support for candidates.




Your personal touch : We’ve also heard that you’re a fire and rescue service volunteer. So, what do you do if there’s a cat stuck up a tree? ?


C.M. : Don’t cats always fall on their feet? I’ve never been on a call like that. The fire and rescue service wouldn’t really go out for a cat stuck up a tree, but if we did, I don’t think it would be very difficult. We’d just use a ladder to get it down!