At Partnaire Group, we take a number of different approaches to recruitment. We use advertisements and specialist networks, but also direct approaches and head hunting. We work in all sectors of activity and handle all sorts of jobs and qualifications.


n 2005, we used our expertise in this context to set up our own specialised recruitment consultancy, TalentSkills. It now has offices in Nantes, Orleans and Paris

Our recruitment consultants offer personalised support tailored to your needs.


Needs analysis • Job description drafting • Candidate search and presentation • Skills validation • Integration coaching.


Our goal is to be there where you need us!


We have been developing the recruitment of temporary staff since 1952 in the Partnaire Group, which now has a network of over 110 branches.


The strength of our company is built on our close proximity to our clients and our temps, and this is central to the way we work today. We want this to last and remain one of our top priorities. This is why we have participated actively in the implementation of a new type of rolling fixed-term contract, the CDI-I, and within the Group 130 people are employed on this basis.

Providing a high-quality service to our clients and our temporary staff is fundamental to us. We demonstrate this in a variety of ways, such as

the Partnaire Safety Charter • ISO 9001 certification • MASE certification (HSE).


At Groupe Partnaire we work constantly to develop our business, expanding the range of services we offer to meet the needs of our partners. Inviting you to outsource a portion of your HR function to us is our way of providing you with even more effective support.


Our Partnaire Onsite and GPRH Services teams are fully trained to assist you with various projects on your site. They offer personalised solutions geared to your requirements, however specific they may be.



We provide bespoke operational support tailored to your daily HR priorities.


Diversity promotion • Integration of colleagues with disabilities • Regulatory monitoring • Workplace risk prevention.



Partnaire Group has a specialist on-the-job training team constantly available to meet your requirements. This means that we can propose a precise, personalised solution to meet the needs of each and every sector, business and employee.


Our team will support you throughout the entire process, from helping you define your needs and writing training plans through to running the training sessions.


Our aim here is give the temporary staff we place the means to improve their skills so that they are ready to face any changes as their careers evolve.



At Partnaire Group, we recognise that the recruitment sector is changing, and the services we offer reflect this. Our teams provide you with people-focused bespoke solutions that add value.


Our consultants at Antenor are specialised per sector and per profession, for identifying, seeking out and assessing skills.



Antenor offers you the support you need as skills change and new kinds of jobs emerge :
Partnership - Commitment - Responsiveness - Ethics