Hello Valentin, could you tell us a little about your educational background ?


I graduated from IAE at Orleans with a Master’s degree in information systems and business management. The aim of the course was to learn the managerial, technical and practical skills I would need to work in a range of information systems roles, and meet the requirements of employers.

How long have you been with the Group ?


V.A. : After an end-of-course internship starting in April 2017 I joined the Group on a long-term basis as Information Systems Administrator in September 2017.



What does your job involve ?


V.A. : The scope is very wide. Our days include, for example, configuring the business software so that our branches can work efficiently.


We also provide business support when there is a problem or a branch has a particular question.


Another major area is the management of new projects, whereby we provide feedback on the operational requirements.



What qualities do you need in your job ?


V.A. : I think you need to be a good listener, and to be analytical and inquisitive.


As we work almost constantly with the branches, it is vital that we understand their requirements. They are, in a way, our customers.


Being analytical means detecting recurrent problems, and above all finding the solutions to resolve them.


Being inquisitive means spotting problems that may not yet have come to light, and doing everything we can to make life easier for the staff in the branches.



Which Partnaire value would you say best represents you ?


V.A. : That’s a difficult question !


I do my best to demonstrate all the Partnaire values in my work, but if I had to choose one, I think it would be proximity. This close-up presence is a necessary prerequisite to responsiveness or operational excellence, and I also believe it’s important to put people at the heart of everything we do.


It's a way of better understanding the issues involved, and of getting the best out of yourself !



What do you see as Partnaire’s greatest strength ?


V.A. : Partnaire Group is fortunate in that it is not weighed down by the inertia of a large corporation.

There is no sense of unwieldy bureaucracy. Quite the opposite in fact, it’s a dynamic business on a human scale, where all the staff know one another.


All the teams, both at head office and in the branches, are fully committed to their jobs, and it's always a pleasure to work with people like that !



How do you see your future within the group ?


V.A. :  I hope to build on my skills and get my own projects to manage. And if the opportunity arises, maybe after some time take on some management responsibilities.




Your personal touch : We understand that you rather like your food. What’s your favourite snack?


V.A. : Well, with Pancake Day coming up, I think I’d have to say home-made crêpes with Nutella !