There are five steps to the Partnaire Group recruitment process. They are all based on listening to our client’s requirements, analysing them and putting in place tailored actions to ensure they are met.



Job analysis


For every new job posting our teams will systematically pay you a visit to see for themselves precisely what the job involves. This involves an analysis on two levels: firstly, the specific requirements of the job, and secondly, the working environment. There are four main aspects to our analysis: KNOW-HOW, LIFE SKILLS, MOTIVATION and ABILITIES.



360° sourcing


Our teams assist you, our clients, in your search for staff by using sourcing tools and media that you would not have the time, resources or expertise to access yourself. Each recruitment officer works proactively to find the best candidates, building and updating a bank of CVs while keeping a finger on the pulse of the local economy.

Processus recrutement - Partnaire


Selecting your future staff


Our recruitment teams assess candidates with regard to the four aspects of analysis for the job, using targeted interviews and tools designed and developed by experts.


We then carry out various tests, firstly to look at KNOW-HOW, using tests tailored to your sector. We then move on to assess LIFE SKILLS using bespoke tests developed with you to cover the themes that matter to your company: respect for management, compliance with rules, self-reliance and perseverance, flexibility and versatility.

Processus de recrutement - Groupe Partnaire


Candidate portrait based on the 4 aspects


The assessment tools and interviewing methodologies we use guarantee that our recruitment officers select precisely the candidates you need.



Long-term follow-up


What happens next? Our recruitment officers remain constantly at the disposal of the client company, to provide a satisfaction guarantee. This keeps them responsive and agile in case of need, so you can relax in the knowledge that the whole process is in safe hands.