Hello Molka, what qualifications did you need to get this job with Partnaire ?


I studied for two years for a higher vocational diploma in Business Information Systems, specialising in networks. I didn’t know anything about IT before I started the course, but I loved it right from the beginning.


I then decided to continue my studies by transferring to a degree course, and I graduated with a vocational degree in IT, focusing on IT security and quality standards.


Before I chose this particular course, I did some research on what businesses in the sector were looking for, so that I would have a qualification that met their needs.

Molka Arbi - Partnaire


How long have you been with the Group ?


M.A. : I’ve worked here since October 2017. I came across Partnaire when I was looking for an internship at the end of my degree course. I applied for a four-month internship on a job board. I was invited for an interview and offered the role, but after talking to my tutor I had to turn it down.


A few months later, after I’d graduated, I was in the process of applying for jobs when Partnaire contacted me. There was an IT technician's position available at head office in Orleans. I met the HR team and I was successful at interview. I started work two days later!



What does your job involve exactly ?


M.A. : I provide support to users of Partnaire’s network across France. I cover all types of equipment (PCs, tablets, printers and phones), sorting out all those everyday issues and minor bugs. Sometimes, there are more complex problems - they can affect workstations and also our various job-specific software or the email system.


In addition, I’m in charge of installing equipment in our new branches: I set up the workstations, the printers and the phones.


And lastly, from time to time I'm involved in in-house projects to improve our IT system.



What qualities do you need in your job ?


M.A. : I think that to be a good technician, you need to be able to adapt to different users and situations. You have to be patient, because not all problems can be solved in a couple of minutes. It’s vital to be a good communicator to understand the issues a user is facing, and to explain exactly what they need to do on a workstation.


And you have to be inquisitive, to keep improving and stay up to date with the latest developments. That is what enables us to solve new problems the first time we come across them.



Which Partnaire value would you say best represents you ?


M.A. : I would say proximity, because I always pay careful attention to the people I’m working with. I like being with people, and helping and supporting them. And that’s what I do in my job - I assist people by phone when they have a problem or they don’t understand something.


I like knowing I’ve helped someone out, and that they’ve found a solution to their problem.



What are the best things about working for Partnaire ?


M.A. : I would say there are several positive points. I like working near to home, there’s a very good atmosphere within the company, and we get on well with the other departments and the branches.


Also, Partnaire organises lots of different activities - we have food trucks on site, and there are table football tournaments, the “I Love my Company” day and the Christmas dinner, which are a good opportunity to meet people. These kinds of things make it a pleasant place to come to work every day.



How do you see your future within the group ?


M.A. : Well, firstly, I would like to move onto a permanent contract, and work my way up within the IT department. I’d like to take on more responsibility, but I don’t want to lose the contact I have with the users.




Your personal touch : We hear you like photography. So, are you more into still lifes or selfies?


M.A. : I would say selfies for the social media, a bit like everyone - but without the silly faces! Since I only took up photography about a year ago I’m still a beginner, but I enjoy taking portraits and photographing country landscapes.


As far as still life is concerned, you’re more likely to catch me eating food than taking photos of it!