At Partnaire Group, we understand that each local area has different needs, and personal relationships remain an important part of our culture. We firmly believe that our Group’s day-to-day success is constructed out there on the ground. Our temporary staff are a central focus, and we support them in their work and provide them with training to develop their skills, along with a company club, time savings accounts, social support and help with moving and housing expenses.




Our group has been ISO 9001 certified since 1996 and MASE certified since 2006. Accordingly, the health and safety of our permanent and temporary employees is one of our central priorities. In 2017, all of our teams received training and support from a specialised consultancy to help them take a fresh look at disability, in order to identify the candidates best placed to meet your requirements.



Our decentralised company structure leaves plenty of scope for local initiatives, specific projects and ideas for growth. This is how we are able to respond to your needs so very quickly. We update our pool of qualified candidates daily so that we are ready to meet seasonal requirements and peaks in demand.

Operational Excellence


Our permanent are faithful servants and experts in their fields, with an average service time of 6 years in the Group. They are trained in staff sourcing and use their experience to work towards 100% satisfaction every day. We strive constantly to bring innovation to our processes, working on numerous digitalisation initiatives and the development of new, more efficient tools.